Foso, Ghana
8000 m2
The concept of an innovative farm in Ghana is a one-story educational center whose main architectural feature is an unusual canopy made of bamboo trunks. The building is a combination of horizontal and vertical lines of bamboo trunks. Educational, technical and warehouse blocks are fenced with bamboo panels and clay pipes.
Using bamboo as a building material makes the project as environmentally friendly as possible. This material is of natural origin and is quickly renewed (5−7 years), unlike other types of trees. The project uses a unique ancient air-cooling technology. Walls are built of clay pipes stacked on top of each other and water gets pumped onto the pipes. The air passing through the pipes is cooled by water in the Ghana’s hot climate.
Canopy, wall and door designs combine different natural light scenarios. Natural light penetrates from above through transparent panels and through the seams between the bamboo, creating a very special atmosphere inside.
We use a concrete base for bamboo in the form of individual pillars. The column consists of several interconnected bamboo trunks. The roof is attached to the columns by means of an elaborate design of capitals with bamboo trunks that support each other. Roofing outside is made of corrugated metal sheet and inside from bamboo slats.